• Starter

  • Dorinku Appetizer Platter

    • 16.3

    7 kinds of daily special appetizer
    (limited quantity)

  • Tako Wasabi

    • 4.8

    Chopped octopus with wasabi dressing

  • Tuna Tataki

    • 9.8

    Lightly seared tuna sashimi on a bed of sliced onions served with sesame soy citrus sauce and homemade chili oil

  • Corn and Kale Kakiage

    • 8.8

    Corn and kale tempura coated with butter soy sauce

  • Tomato Kimchi

    • 5.8
  • Shaka Shaka Fries

    • 7.8

    French fries served with our signature seasoning salt. Put the seasoning salt in the bag with the fries and shake it!

  • Agedashi Tofu

    • 7.8

    Deep fried tofu and seasonal vegetables served in shimeji and golden mushroom soy soup, topped with scallions

  • Beef Tataki

    • 13.3

    Lightly seared and sliced AAA tenderloin served with oriental chili dressing and sliced onions

  • Sashimi

  • 3 kinds of Sashimi

    • 17.8

    (9 pieces)

  • 5 kinds of Sashimi

    • 28.8

    (15 pieces)

  • Albacore Tuna

    • 10.8

     (5 pieces)

  • Yellowtail

    • 11.8

    (5 pieces)

  • Scallop

    • 11.8

    (5 pieces)

  • Octopus

    • 11.8

    (5 pieces)

  • Hamachi Carpaccio

    • 14.8

    Seared yellowtail, mayonnaise and parmesan cheese served with sesame soy dressing and goji berry

  • Salad

  • Smoking Sashimi Salad

    • 14.3

    Today’s freshest sashimi, served with organic spring mix, black olive dressing and garlic shrimp oil. This salad is served smoking to add a lightly smoked flavour to the sashimi

  • Ramen Salad

    • 11.3

    Organic spring mix topped with egg noodles, pork chashu, soft boiled egg, cucumber, Japanese pickles, onions and sliced nori served with sesame soy dressing

  • Pork Shabu Salad

    • 10.3

    Sliced pork belly, fresh tofu and organic spring mix served with creamy sesame dressing and chili oil

  • Seafood

  • Ebimayo

    • 11.8

    Deep fried tiger prawns served with spicy mayonnaise

  • Japanese Style Calamari

    • 11.8

    Deep fried surume squid served with a Japanese tartar sauce and special Japanese mint salsa sauce

  • Asari Cilantro Sakamushi

    • 14.8

    Asari clams steamed with sake, cilantro and garlic butter

  • Meat

  • Mt. Fuji Volcano Alberta AAA Steak

    • 24.8

    AAA tenderloin steak topped with fried onions served with wasabi daikon radish sauce, Japanese pepper and garlic butter soy sauce. It is served on a hot stone plate made of rocks from the world famous volcano, Mount Fuji
    *Please be careful as the plate is very hot!


  • Curry Tontoro

    • 9.8

    Grilled curry flavoured pork cheek topped with sliced white scallions

  • Chicken Karaage

    • 10.8

    Deep fried chicken served with green tea salt and chili mayonnaise

  • Negi Miso Duck

    • 12.3

    Grilled duck breast served with negi miso sauce and scallions

  • Torokeru Chashu

    • 9.8

    Tender roasted pork cheek that has been slowly braised and served with garlic butter soy sauce.  It’s so tender that it melts in your mouth!

  • Beef Short Rib

    • 24.8

    AAA Beef short rib glazed with sweet balsamic sauce

  • Rice

  • Seafood Ishiyaki Fried Rice

    • 15.8

    Seafood garlic fried rice in a hot stone bowl served with an egg, green onions and garlic chips

  • Ishiyaki Beef Bibimbap

    • 13.8

    Pulled beef, pickled daikon radish, marinated kelp and green onions served on rice in a hot stone bowl with Japanese citrus teriyaki sauce

  • Sushi

  • Pressed Wild Saba Sushi

    • 14.8

    Seared and marinated wild mackerel sushi with mentaiko (marinated spicy cod roe) topped with green onions and served with Japanese mint dressing

  • Pressed Wild Salmon Sushi

    • 14.8

    Wild sockeye salmon and avocado sushi served with Japanese mint and creamy soy sauce

  • Pressed Avocado Sushi

    • 12.8

    Avocado sushi served with Japanese citrus seaweed sauce

  • Noodle

  • Dorinku Ramen

    • 14.8

    Ramen noodles topped with binchotan charcoal grilled pork chashu, kaiware radish sprouts, green onions and shredded spicy pepper served in slow cooked pork and chicken broth (limited quantity)

  • Chicken Peperone Udon

    • 13.8

    An Italian-Japanese fusion of pan-fried Japanese thick noodles, chicken, jalapeno and garlic, garnished with scallions

  • Daily Special Miso Soup

    • 3.00
  • Rice

    • 2.50


  • Dessert

  • Almond Tofu with Daily Fruit Puree

    • 6.3
  • Maple Coffee Jelly Tiramisu

    • 6.3
  • Weekly Feature

  • 5-Styles Pressed Sushi Combo

    • 65

    Our pressed sushi combo includes 'wild sockeye salmon pressed', 'avocado pressed', 'spicy tuna tartar pressed', 'AAA beef pressed' and 'hamachi pressed'.

  • Chirashi Platter for 4

    5 kinds special assorted sashimi, our signature jewelry bowl mix, marinated shitake mushroom, diced sweet tamago yaki, salmon & flying fish roe on a bed of sushi rice