Dorinku Special Sashimi 15pc. 38.80

King Salmon 5pc. 13.80

Toro 5pc. 11.80

Bluefin Tuna 5pc. 19.80

Napolitan Udon. 15.80
creamy carbonara sauce, ketchup, sausages, grated parmesan, japanese udon noodles, served on a hot skillet

Curry Pan 1pc.  6.80
a bakery dish with savory curry filling, a chewy and a light coating of crispy panko

snack + share

Tuna Tataki 10.30
seared, citrus sesame sauce, chili oil

Beef Tataki 14.30
lightly seared and sliced AAA tenderloin, oriental chili dressing

Tuna Avocado 9.80
thin sliced tuna & avocado, dorinku citrus seaweed sauce 

Shaka Shaka Fries 8.30
umami-powdered, bagged & shaken. You hear that?

Chicken Karaage 11.80
Japanese classic crispy fried chicken, green tea salt, chili mayo

Takoyaki   8.30     
katsu sauce, mayo, bonito flakes, green onions

Ebi Mayo 12.30
crispy fried tiger prawns, spicy mayo

Tako Wasabi 5.30
chopped octopus marinated with wasabi dressing

Tomato Kimchi 6.30 
house-made fresh tomato kimchi

Hamachi Carpaccio 15.30
seared, parmesan, organic spring mix, sesame soy dressing

Daily Miso Soup 3.00

Steamed Rice 2.50


Green Salad 7.80
organic spring mix, onion, cucumber, avocado with sweet black olive dressing

Pork Shabu Salad 11.30
sliced pork belly, fresh tofu, organic spring mix, creamy sesame dressing, chili oil

Ramen Salad 12.30
organic spring mix, egg noodle, pork chashu, poached eggs, onions, Japanese mayo, sweet soy dressing

lunch sets

served with rice and miso soup

Salmon Kama Teriyaki 14.80
salmon kama cooked with teriyaki sauce 

Tonkatsu 16.80
tender, crispy, panko-fried pork cutlet, cabbage slaw Japanese dipping sauce

Chicken Karaage 16.80
Japanese classic crispy fried chicken, green tea salt, chili mayo

Stone Bowl Hamburg Steak 18.80
beef & pork patty, melted mozzarella in sizzling tomato teriyaki sauce

AAA Beef Steak 24.80
AAA tenderloin steak on Mt. Fuji volcano stone, Japanese pepper mix, wasabi radish sauce, Dorinku steak sauce 

Beef Short Rib 25.30
braised Canadian AAA beef short rib sautéed with sweet & sour balsamic glaze

Sashimi 25.30
10 pc. of chef’s daily selection

rice + bowls

Classic Japanese Curry 11.30
slow-cooked pulled beef with caramel overtones that melts in your mouth

+ add toppings
chicken Karaage 6.80
hamburg Steak 6.80
daily Vegetables 3.80
cheese 1.00

Katsu Curry 16.80
classic Japanese curry with pork cutlet

Jewelry 15.30
diced sashimi, Japanese mint, pickled daikon & salmon roe, sushi rice

Chicken Nanban 13.80
sweet & sour tossed crispy chicken, organic spring mix, tartar sauce, on a bed of rice

sashimi + sushi

3 Kinds Sashimi 9pc. 18.80

5 Kinds Sashimi 15pc. 29.80

Wild Sockeye Salmon 5pc. 11.80

Albacore Tuna 5pc. 11.80

Yellowtail 5pc. 12.80

Octopus 5pc. 12.80

Scallop 5pc. 12.80

Pressed Wild Salmon 15.80
wild sockeye salmon, avocado, japanese mint, seared with creamy soy sauce

Tnt Pressed Sushi 17.80
salmon pressed sushi, deep-fried shrimp, TNT sauce by Japonais Bistro ®, sweet soy, tobiko

Pressed Wild Saba 15.80
cured wild mackerel, seared and topped with japanese mint dressing, green onions

Pressed Avocado 13.80
avocado, dorinku citrus seaweed sauce


Tonkotsu Shio Ramen   15.80
pork & chicken broth, pork chashu, kaiware radish sprouts, green onions, fried onion chips, shredded spicy pepper

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen   15.80
pork & chicken broth, pork chashu, kaiware radish sprouts, green onions, seasoning miso, black garlic oil, fried onion chips, shredded spicy pepper 

+ add toppings
egg 2.00
corn  1.00
butter  1.00
extra pork chashu  2pc.  3.00
extra noodle  2.00
chili oil  1.00

Kaki-age Udon 12.80
jumbo crispy vegetable kaki-age, mushroom vegetable broth, Japanese udon noodles

Carbonara Udon 15.80
creamy carbonara sauce, bacon, grated parmesan, poached egg, scallion, japanese udon noodles, served on a hot stone bowl


Maple Coffee Jelly Tiramisu 6.30

Almond Tofu Pudding 6.30
served with daily fruit puree

Matcha Crème Brûlée 7.30
rich matcha custard topped with a layer of harden caramelized sugar, paired with whipped cream and seasonal fruits